The Center for Faith, Justice and Global Engagement

The Center for Faith, Justice and Global Engagement seeks to build on Houghton’s long and rich history of teaching, research, and praxis, through an in-depth exploration of faith and justice for transformational learning and holistic change, in both local and global contexts.

Selected Guiding Principles/Ethos

  • Mutual Learning/Respect/Enrichment/Reciprocity
  • Linking Theory & Praxis (Integrated/Multi-sectoral Approach) - brings together disciplines
  • Awareness Raising about Issues of Justice
  • Transformative Learning
  • Relational Model/Partnerships (e.g. Church/NGO's/Government/Private Sector/Academic Institutions) -- Approach: Invitational, Broker, Facilitative
  • Encourages Diversity
  • Global/Local
  • Service/Civic Engagement
  • Vocation/Career Emphasis


The Center was formally launched during the Faith and Justice Symposium: Immigration and Refugees held from September 28 through October 1, 2011.  The symposium investigated the intersection of faith and justice as it pertains to immigration and refugees at both the programmatic and policy levels. “It is difficult to imagine a more compelling topic than immigration and refugees with which to begin the work of the center,” underlines Houghton College President Shirley A. Mullen. The symposium seeks to create awareness and dialogue around key issues, opportunities and challenges; facilitating ongoing conversations and building partnerships to enhance programs.